Demolition Derby Drag Racing, Your Voice As Navigation, Failed Crash Test, Abandoned Supra, Fast Fails

Demolition Derby Drag Racing Is A Real Thing And It’s Awesome, You Can Be Your Own Navigation Voice, A Crash Test That Went Horribly Wrong, An Abandoned Supra Found In The Mountains, And Top Five Fast Fails All On PowerNation Daily!
  1. Demolition Derby Drag Racing…It’s real and it’s awesome. Two awesome car events have been merged into one
  2. Up to this point, your phone or whatever device you use for navigation has a setting and you can change what voice you hear. But now you can now be your own navigation voice, would you want to?
  3. A crash test went very wrong. See where they messed up. Hint is has something to do with the driver they chose to use
  4. The Toyota Supra was discontinued in 2002 and for enthusiasts and collectors, even the new generation that’s in the works will never replace the originals. So this unrecoverable Supra found in the Japanese mountains may bring some tears
  5. And of course, fast fails: Overtaking Edition. Because passing shouldn’t be this hard.