Dale Jr. Gave His Wife A 1966 El Camino For Christmas

It can be tough for guys to figure out what to get their wives for Christmas. But Dale Earnhardt Jr. got his wife, Amy, quite the gift…a 1966 El Camino.

On the Instagram post by Amy Earnhardt, she says, “I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember. And It’s perfect! Momma must have been a VERY good girl this year!”

Dale really went all out and delivered a beautiful El Camino. Earnhardt’s El Camino is a gorgeous bright red and in amazing condition however, more technical details on the car aren’t known.

We don’t know what Amy got Dale in return, but we’re guessing it’s not another car. Dale Jr. already has quite the collection including a “car graveyard“. The racing legend happens to share the love and appreciation for dead and decaying cars, which is why he’s spent the last several years collecting wrecked race cars and placing them in the woods of Dirty Mo Acres. The land is part of his sprawling home and racing compound out in rural North Carolina.

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