Cummins Developing An Electric Engine?

The day has come. Autoblog reported that diesel engine builder, Cummins, has officially announced it’s officially making the move towards electric powertrains, including hybrids. Cummins is expected to launch its first EV powertrain in 2019.

A Cummins representative said that after that engine is released a range-extended engine similar to the Workhorse W-15 or the BMW i3, will be unveiled. The engines will be used mainly for commercial vehicles with engines for off-road and highway vehicles coming later. The engines will be made of several Cummins parts but the company is open to working with other developers, too. Why would Cummins stray away from diesel? Its chief technical officer said there is a “trend away from diesels”. What do you think? Cummins making EVs…let us know in the comments…

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