Crazy Helicopter Crash In Antartica

Helicopter crashes are always pretty intense because of the giant propellers which usually make the crash worse. Helicopter propellers look like a giant fan and when the blades hit something in their path, a lot of destruction is sure to occur. In this video, a ship out in Antartica is about to receive some food and mail from two helicopters. Now landing a helicopter is one thing when you’re landing it on the ground but when you’re trying to land it on a moving object with not a large landing space, things can get tricky.

In the video, the 1st helicopter makes its delivery just fine. When the 2nd helicopter tries to land on the ship, this is when things get crazy. It’s not exactly clear what went wrong but the pilot seems to be having a hard time landing the helicopter on the ship. You can see the helicopter lift up and sway to the side, when the propellers destroy all kinds of objects causing an insane crash! The helicopter can be seen laying on its side in the pictures at the end of the video. Thankfully nobody was injured in this crash but still, it looked really bad!