Cool Your Boosted Engine or Add a Nitrous Setup

Whether you’re looking to keep your forced-induction engine cool or speed it up with some nitrous, we have the gear available to help keep your high-performance vehicle running at an optimal level.

Keep Your Boosted Engine Temperatures Under Control

Snow Performance Stage 2 Boost

When turbochargers or superchargers compress air, it also causes additional heat. Hot air contains less power-building oxygen and might also increase combustion chamber temperatures, leading to detonation issues. A water/methanol injection system like a Snow Performance Stage 2 Boost Cooler accurately injects a water/methanol mixture that cools the incoming air, causing a reduction in combustion temperatures and increasing fuel octane levels to boost horsepower.

Don’t Let Your Nitrous System Control You

Maximizer EZ from Nitrous Express

It’s no secret that nitrous oxide can help you win races – that’s only if you control when and how much it hits. If you get it right, you’ll experience extra traction off the starting line and extra power down track. If you get it wrong, all that extra horsepower goes to waste and turns to tire smoke. By using a progressive nitrous controller like the Maximizer EZ from Nitrous Express, it’ll make the job much simpler.

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