Chip Foose’s “Imposter” Impala-Vette Mashup at Covercraft

The SEMA show is full of gems, and the Imposter designed by the man himself – Chip Foose – is definitely a SEMA-worthy gem. PowerNation TV hosts Katie Osborne and Lawrence “LT” Tolman were on-hand at the Covercraft booth to talk about the Imposter.

When you take a look at this golden beauty owned by Don and Elma Voth, you see the sleek lines of a classic 1965 Chevrolet Impala. Aptly named the Imposter, this car is actually a 2009 C6 Corvette in Impala’s clothing.

The ’09 Vette was purchased brand new right down the road from Foose headquarters. To make everything work together, they stretched the chassis about 8 inches and then shortened the body of the Impala by 14 inches.

Powering the car is an LS3 V8 with a Magnuson supercharger. Adding to performance and rumble is an exhaust by Magnaflow. Shifting power is provided by a reworked C6 six-speed automatic transmission.

It retains the C6 suspension but with a few upgrades. The wheels of choice are custom one-off Foose-designed wheels wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero rubber. The exterior features custom aluminum bucket headlights and mid-60s modified Corvette taillights with custom bezels.

The golden color is a custom two-tone mix with BASF Glasurit 90-line (Imposter Pearl Dark and Imposter Pearl Light) slathered on by painters Tommy Marcotte and Freddy Valdez.

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