Chevy Cavalier’s Pushed To The Limit!

We’ve all had a super cheap car at some point thats only purpose is to get us from point A to point B. However some people apparently buy cheap, beater cars just to drive wild in like seen in this video. Why would anyone waste money on a car that they’re going to eventually end up destroying is unknown but the guys in this video definitely look like they’re having fun doing so.

You see 2 Chevy Cavalier’s driving wild on a dirt road in the woods somewhere, crashing into each other the whole way. It’s clear that these aren’t cars they care about keeping in top condition. Where it becomes pretty reckless and irresponsible however is when one of the guys is driving down a public road, wobbling back and forth which is just highly dangerous and a bad idea all together. Clearly these guys don’t care about these cars or safety for that matter, as it’s pretty evident in this video. Thankfully they didn’t crash and besides making a series of bad driving decisions, everything seemed to work out in the end. Regardless, this video is ridiculous!

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