Check Out This Chainsaw-Powered Trike!

There are things to do with toys you’ve outgrown. Such as motorizing them. This tricycle is a great example.

These adult men from Georgia Tech wanted to an easier way to get around campus. They thought maybe a children’s tricycle would be just the thing. So they started hacking it. If you want to get into specifics, the pedals came off and a chainsaw motor went in basically. However, it takes a lot more welding and tinkering and creative engineering to make this mini machine go. They also had to trim down the 5/8″ axle, for instance, down to 3/8″ on the ends to accommodate the front trike wheel. All in all though, that’s not a ton of mods for the amount of fun you’ll get out of this thing!

But just a word to the wise: If you’re going to motorize something with no brake, you might want to stick to a small engine (like these guys). Does it really get much better than a homemade powered trike, much less powered by a chainsaw? Nope, this thing is pretty cool.

Have you ever motorized something that wasn’t technically supposed to be? We wanna see it! Make sure and leave us a comment about it.