Check Out The New Off-Road Tech On The 2021 Bronco During Mud Test

While everyone is patiently awaiting the new Ford Bronco reveal that the automaker has promised this spring, Ford has offered a small look at a couple of disguised prototypes being tested in the woods somewhere in Georgia.

The video was posted by Ford-sponsored Bronco Nation and shows both a two-door and four-door model wheeling hrough a muddy forest. While it’s not much, it gives a glimpse at the tech that the Bronco will be equipped with.

You can see the four-door Bronco makes a turn around a tree and the left rear tire can be seen locking up, which creates a pivot that helps it turn more sharply with its full-time 4×4 system engaged.

Aside from this teaser, the only known info on the Bronco is that it will be built alongside the Ranger pickup at Ford’s Michigan assembly plant in Wayne.