Check Out The Damage Done To The 3,000-HP Cummins Diesel That Exploded on the Dyno

A few months ago during the annual Weekend on the Edge Dyno competition in Ogden, Utah, things got a little…heated. The all-day dyno competition attracted some of the most powerful diesel trucks in the country.

The 3,000-HP Dodge Cummins turbo-diesel gave it it’s all before rocketing out of the engine bay. Luckily, the driver walked away relatively unharmed however, the truck wasn’t as lucky. You can see the explosion below.

We don’t always get to see a follow-up after accidents like these so it/s interesting to see just what damage was done. Industrial Injection posted a video to YouTube with the truck owner, Shawn Baca. They run through the incident and take a look at the burned and beaten truck.

You can see all the carnage and loose parts they have collected that puts into perspective just how massive the explosion really was. They even take a look at the interior of the truck, which is completely blown to bits as well from the firewall to the dash.

From the video, it sounds like Baca is still trying to sort through what’s useable (or fixable) and what’s not but we wish them luck in getting this truck back to its former glory.

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