Check Out Jay Leno’s McLaren F1 Running Without Mufflers

This is worth a listen. Jay Leno has an impressive car collection, no question about it. With so many vehicles, his restoration team is always working on something. One of the coolest, in our opinion, is this McLaren F1. Leno has said, “it’s probably the scariest car to work on, and certainly the most expensive.” It makes sense if you take into account that F1s need an engine-out service every five years.

McLaren’s first production model has certain racing components that need regular servicing with the V12 dragged out. Your run-of-the-mill McLaren owners would probably just send their F1s back to McLaren Special Operations or to their personal mechanic for this work. However, Leno’s crew takes on the $20+ million F1 projects themselves, because why not?

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