Caught On Camera: Honda Tech Trash-Talking Customer While Purposely Delaying Car

*Note: There is adult language in this video.

This Honda dealership tech is in hot water after being caught on video trash-talking a customer while holding onto his car in the service area.

The Northside Honda dealership is located in San Antonio, Texas, and is going viral for all the wrong reasons. Gabriel Rendon decided to take his vehicle in for a routine oil change – that’s it. However, when Rendon came back to pick up his car the dealership allegedly told him that is also needed new transmission and brake fluids along with a new battery. Rendon proceeded to tell the service advisor that he only wanted the oil change at this visit and that he’d “come back in a couple of weeks to get the rest done”. The dealership decided the work needed to be done anyways did all of the work regardless. They then hit Rendon with a $480 bill.

Rendon decided to tell his story on Facebook saying:

“I told them that I specifically said to only do the oil, and after arguing for a while [after the fact] they ended up deciding to take the new battery back and put my old one back in,” Rendon wrote on Facebook. “So they took my car to the back and I ended up waiting for almost an hour for them to put my old battery back and I wondered why it took an hour to put my battery back. Well, this is why.”

If you aren’t able to watch the video it basically shows the car being driven into the service area where a dealership employee can be seen saying to the person driving: “We’re gonna let this m*thafa sit an hour cuz the guy’s a fin’ ahole and he—’I didn’t tell you to do it, I didn’t tell’—Well, okay motherf*er, you’re gonna stand outside and wait for an hour.”

So while, yes, there are two sides to every story, this video is pretty damning evidence for the dealership. The Drive reached out to Northside Honda where a service advisor acknowledged the existence of the video but refused to comment.

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