Car Tries To Jump Draw Bridge…Fails

Usually when a draw bridge is separated, people don’t drive over it. Why would anyone drive over it? If they did, they would crash into the water below but we still see time after time people attempting to jump these types of bridges and it never ends well! We posted a video a while back of a driver in Florida trying to jump a draw bridge and although he made it, he still crashed once he landed on the other side.

The driver in this video however is another story. As the driver is driving across the separated draw bridge, his car hits the edge of the other side of the bridge and then crashes directly into the water below. According to the video, the bridge was being closed at the time so maybe the driver thought the bridge would be closed by the time he drove over it. The man was eventually rescued by a captain of a passing ship. Wow! That was pretty intense! You’d think after so many videos of people crashing on draw bridges would make people drive more cautiously over them but unfortunately this stuff still happens. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!