Car Saved From Hurricane, Mobile Car Wash, Porsche VP Scam, Digital Side Mirrors, SpaceX Ticket, And Fast Fails

Today on PND…
• How One Family Saved Their Car From Hurricane Florence
• A Car Wash That Can Now Come To You
• The VP Of America’s Largest Porsche Dealer Vanished With $2.5 Million
• Lexus Is Launching The First Car With Digital Side View Mirrors
• SpaceX Announced It Has Its First Paying Customer For A Flight To The Moon
• And Top 5 Fast Fails: Off Road Edition

Jetta Saved From Florence
People get creative when it comes to saving personal belongings from natural disasters. With Hurricane Harvey, we saw a guy make his own jacks, with Matthew a guy brought his car into his living room. This time around, with flooding and damage from Florence on the way, a family decided to build ramps to get their Jetta up on their covered front porch. And this DIY solution was a multi-problem solver. It helped shield their car AND they planned to use it as a generator by plugging appliances into a 1000-watt power inverter connected to the 12-volt battery. It’s reported the family is doing ok after the storm, so their plan must have paid off. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the storm.

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Posted by LaSha Ross on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mobile Car Wash
We’re kind of surprised it took this long for something like this to come along. A mobile car wash can now come to you in case you just don’t have the extra time to run thru a car wash. FaceBook page Genius Club posted a video of the machine at work. It’s especially useful for those bigger vehicles. i.e. RVs and buses. But do you think it’s necessary? Let us know!

Porsche Scam
Porsche North America is in some hot water after the VP of Marketing of their largest U.S. dealership, Shirazz Sookralli, has disappeared with about $2.5 million in customer deposits. Sookralli reportedly created a fake “Champion Autosports” account, produced fake documents that tricked buyers into placing an order that looked real even though the cars never existed, and then put the money in a secret bank account which is now empty. This is the largest fraud case in Porsche North American history, but the dealership claims it had no knowledge of the scam. Copans Motors has filed a lawsuit since customers, who placed deposits as large as $350,000 are now out of money AND a car, don’t buy the story.

Lexus Mirrors
Lexus is starting to replace side-view mirrors with cameras to slim down the design in order to reduce aerodynamic drag and road noise. The first model to have these cameras is the 2019 ES in the Japanese market. The laws here in the U.S. don’t allow this feature on production models yet. There will be digital screens inside the door that provide the driver with a view of the outside. The lenses are adjustable and both heated and waterproof. Do you think these are going to take off or just another fad?

Elon Musk has taken a down payment from the first person willing to pay for a trip to the moon. Yusaku Maezawa is a Japanese billionaire and joined Musk in a webcast news conference to break the news. The rocket is known as BFR (Big F**ken Rocket) and has room for 6-8 additional artists to join Yusaku on the trip. However, Musk still is hesitant on if he would ever be up for doing the trip that will reportedly happen by 2023 himself. We don’t know about you but if Musk doesn’t want to go in his own rocket, we don’t know if we’d want to pay to go on it…

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