Can You Guess The Most Popular Car Color?


Yup, if you guessed white you are correct. Paint supplier, Axalta, released its 67th annual Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, and found that for the ninth consecutive year, white dominated consumer preference.

Overall, white made up 38% of the world’s car colors, black 19%, and gray 13 percent. This year is the first, however, that silver dropped out of the top three colors in the world and was replaced by gray. It’s no surprise though, that white, black, gray, and silver are the majority (80%) of the world market.

As far as actual “colors” for those of you sticking with the fact that white and black are either “all colors” or “not a color”, various shades from greenish-blues are rising in popularity. Red is most popular in North America at 9%, and Brown/Beige versions reign in Russia at 12% popularity.

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