Camaro Leaving Car Show Tries To Show Off But Crashes Into Another Car!

It seems like this is becoming more and more popular each day with people crashing after leaving a car show. People like to show off leaving the parking lot but it seems like a lot of these people don’t know how to drive. Why show off on a public street? It puts other drivers in danger and it could also result in a hefty ticket or loss of a drivers license! Regardless, some people just don’t listen.

In this fail of a video, you see a Chevrolet Camaro leaving a Cars and Coffee car event. At no point in this video did the Camaro look like they were even in one bit of control. The Camaro whips out of the parking lot and is sliding everywhere! The driver then over corrects and SMASHES INTO an innocent passing car! What a fail!!

How embarrassing for the Camaro driver and we bet the other driver was pretty angry! When people drive like maniacs, stuff like this happens! Anyways, it’s fortunate that this wreck wasn’t worse than it turned out to be but still, the Camaro driver shouldn’t of driven like that! What do you think about this fail? Let us know in the comments!