C63 S AMG Driver Tries Burnout – Blows Up Engine Instead

C63 S AMG Attempting a Burnout | Photo Credit: YouTube

At a wedding in Sydney, Australia, a C63 S AMG owner had to be the center of attention. Go figure, right? In what is perhaps the worst burnout in history, we watch a beautiful luxury sedan get destroyed by someone who should have probably taken a few more driving lessons. If you ask us, that’s not a good omen for the couple getting married.

Whether it was sheer incompetence or the car’s traction control preventing the burnout, there’s one less C63 S out on the road in Australia. In the video, we watch the car as it remains stationary, revving the engine while it’s in gear. If you’ve never seen what this can do to your transmission, here’s your lucky day because it’s not at your expense!

We know that Mercedes and AMG engineers do rigorous testing on their vehicles to ensure a premium product. Still, it’s fair to assume they don’t test the motors in this fashion because AMG drivers typically have more common sense. Simply put, this is one of the most boneheaded things we’ve seen in a while, and that’s saying a lot.

The C63 S AMG makes 503-horsepower and 516-pound-feet of torque, meaning it has enough under the hood to do some serious burnouts. The A$100,000 car isn’t cheap, and this was a mistake of epic proportions, but it gets even worse.

C63 S AMG | Photo Credit: YouTube

It’s one thing to get embarrassed in front of a group of people, but this video has now gone viral, which means tens of thousands of people are laughing at his expense. Fortunately, these mishaps are forgotten with the endless stream of online content. However, adding insult to injury, he’s also facing negligent and dangerous driving charges. He’s due in court in March.

He can’t seem to catch a break, and the NSW Police said the driver initially made a claim his car had caught fire while driving down the road. Unfortunately, in today’s era, everyone has a camera and lies don’t last very long – the truth was bound to emerge. Once the police saw the viral video, further inquiries were made.

After further investigation, it seems as though the owner won’t be taking too much of a hit out of his pocketbook. He was awarded the car in a raffle last year, which gives us a better understanding of how he could treat the car in such a way. He took drive it like you stole it to new lows. However, after going viral, we doubt insurance will be giving him a dime toward something new.

Despite the mounting evidence against him, the driver is fighting the charges. His lawyer will be providing the court with evidence from the C63 S recall and try to prove the fire was due to an “onboard system safety failure.” If that was the case, the initial lie was probably not in his best interest. Good luck with that!

We’ll update with more information as it becomes available because we’re just as interested as you.

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