C10 Truck Gets DESTROYED While Street Racing A Mustang

People have been street racing for as long as the invention of the automobile. Unfortunately though, it’s pretty dangerous because you’re not on an enclosed track. If someone wants to race, they need to go to a professional racing track just to be on the safe side and also so they don’t wreck like this guy did in this video. When someone is racing on the street, there are no side barriers to protect them if they spin out of control, thus creating a really risky and dangerous situation.

In this video, an older C10 truck is about to street race a Mustang. When they begin to accelerate, it’s clear that the C10 is really no match for the Mustang because it’s really falling behind pretty fast. Suddenly when the C10 gets down the road, disaster strikes! It’s not really clear how or why this wreck occurred but as you can tell, the C10 is literally destroyed. Everything about this truck is so damaged that it’s basically just scrap metal at this point. Somehow the driver was able to walk away from this insane wreck and he will probably think twice from now on about street racing. What do you think about it?