Buying A New Corvette May Get You Free Brembo Brakes

Brakes take a lot of the brunt in just daily driving, let alone if you hit a road course or the track. But if you’re currently looking into buying a Grand Sport or Z06, there’s an opportunity for you to get Brembo brakes almost free, according to Jalopnik.

There’s a combined rebate offer currently out there from FM that adds up to $8,000 on select Corvettes that are equipped with the Z07 Performance Package. So basically, the Grand Sport and Z06 models with the Z07 upgrade kit retails for $8,000 but there’s a base rebate of $5,000 for all those vehicles. On top of that, Chevy is offering up a $1,000 Bonus Tag discount for vehicles that sit in inventory for a while. That’s a slight catch because not all models will qualify if they’ve been selling well. But on top of ALL THAT current Corvette owners or leasers will have an additional $2,000 loyalty rebate towards any new Corvette. Included in the Z07 package is suspension tuning, Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2 Tires, and of course the Brembos. So even if you don’t qualify for the loyalty rebate, the Brembos add up to being a no cost upgrade. How you feelin about that Chevy fans and owners?