Burger King Has Introduced The “Traffic Jam Whopper” For Stuck Commuters

Burger King has figured out a way to monetize on the thousands of drivers stuck in traffic jams every day. One of the worst cities for traffic is Mexico City so Burger King has chosen it as the city to roll out the Traffic Jam Whopper. On average, residents apparently gain an additional 59 minutes of travel time a day.

A delivery platform will now bring Burger King food to people stuck in traffic, according to Jalopnik. So if people just can’t wait to get home for dinner they can use the Burger King app to order food and have it delivered straight to their car via a courier.

Although it’s only available in Mexico City right now, Burger King has plans to expand the program to Los Angeles, Shanghai and Sao Paulo. So what are your thoughts? Is traffic bad enough to warrant a service like this? Is it catering to the overall laziness and traffic issue?

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