Bugatti Chiron Breaks Production Car Record At 300 mph

Bugatti has officially claimed the title of fastest, street-legal production car when the Chiron hit 304.77 mph on Volkswagen’s test track.

The car was a pre-production prototype for a future variant of the $3 million, 1,500 horsepower supercar. The current model comes equipped with a limiter that restricts its top speed to 261 mph. The key reason for that factor is having the correct tires. It’s hard to make tires that can withstand speeds that fast. To put it in perspective, the tires on the current Chiron already cost over $30,000 per set and need to be replaced every 2,500 miles.

In order to break the record, Michelin created a special tire that could hold up to the kind of G-force generated above 300 mph. The car was also modified with a lowered ride height, a 10-inch stretch, and other tweaks to help reduce lift to zero. The quad-turbocharged 16-cylinder engine was also tuned to push out an extra 78 hp.

The Chiron was driven by racing and test driver Andy Wallace. He spent several days at the 12-mile circuit as the team built up to the 300 mph mark.

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