Brand New Corvette Destroyed By Red Light Runner

Traffic can get wild sometimes. Anytime you’re on the road, there’s a risk of somebody that can’t drive or can’t pay attention long enough to look at the road for more than 5 seconds, crashing into you. It’s an unfortunate fact of life and comes with the territory of driving. In fact, it’s probably worse nowadays since there’s so many distractions on our smartphones, which cause many people to run red lights resulting in an accident. It’s always best to pay attention to the road (and traffic lights!)

Unfortunately for the driver of this new Corvette, they didn’t get to keep it in mint condition very long. At a red light, both the Corvette and the Jeep Cherokee begin to drive forward as they get a green light to go. Out of no where a Chevy Colbalt runs the red light and smashes into the Jeep, causing the Jeep to smash into the Corvette. Ouch! That’s definitely not a good situation to be in, especially when it’s your brand new car you just bought that just got destroyed! What a fail!

But that’s why there’s insurance and hopefully everything got sorted out and the Corvette looks as good as new now. What do you think about this?