Brake Check Disaster!

Here we go again..another brake check incident. When will these people learn that brake checking is wrong!? Seems like there are a lot of road rage videos these days. Everyone seems to be in a hurry in this fast-paced society and that makes tempers flare.

In this video you see the dark car in the right lane trying to change lanes to get in front of the red car. There looks to be not enough room for the dark car to merge over, so the dark car quickly swerves back to his lane. The dark car then gets DIRECTLY behind the red car and tailgates, presumably pretty angry. This is where things start to definitely look like a road rage situation. The red car then brake checks the dark car, which causes an insane wreck to occur. Both cars completely lose control and almost cause a pile up with oncoming traffic. Crazy!!

This is one of those situations that was lucky to be captured on a dash cam from the driver behind both cars. Who do you think was at fault in this situation? Let us know in the comments what you think and for more videos stay tuned on