Blown Fuel Crash At The Drag Strip

For the most part, drag racing is a great time for both spectators and drivers alike. It’s simple, quick, and it gives instant gratification to see which driver is going to have what it takes. Unfortunately, sometimes, things can get a little violent. We’ve seen it before and even though the race is a straight line, there are a lot more things to think about that could go wrong. And that’s what happened here. Luckily, nobody was hurt after this driver hit both walls and rolled over a couple of times, catching on fire. At the end of it all this race car was hurt beyond recognition. It endured an insane amount of damage. Urban Hillbilly caught the moment where everything went wrong and you can see it from a variety of angles on

Source: Speed Society

It’s a very special PowerNation On The Road as Gannon Pritchard joins Katie from a NASCAR race with guests Joey Logano and Rutledge Wood. Joey Logano is not only a successful race car driver but also a gearhead and car collector as well, you’ll see. Plus TV personality Rutledge Wood will talk about two of his current automotive projects and what happens when one of his rides has a faulty fuel gauge.

Gannon will also check out the fan area and introduce you to one very laid back and cool PowerNationTV fan. Plus our four shops in our 50,000 sq.f.t Tech Center have some great content for you so check it out this weekend!