Blind Man Immediately Gets Driver’s License, Buys Corvette After Experimental Surgery Gives Him Sight

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Mike Schickerowski only ever dreamed about driving. Being born legally blind, he assumed he would never have the chance. But at 44 years old, that all changed.

Global News

In October 2018, Schickerowski signed up for an experimental trial in California to correct his vision. And just two weeks ago, Schickerowski finally got his driver’s license after passing it on the first try.

“It was beautiful to see, but it was more the realization of what I missed my whole life.

Naturally, with a freshly printed license in his hand, Schickerowski needed a car. So he went out and invested in a C7 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport in racing yellow. He was so sure of his choice that he bought the car before he got his driver’s license and purchased it without ever seeing it.

Schickerowski told The Drive that he tore the car apart while it was in storage over the winter and made several changes to it, including the Lamborghini-style vertical door.

“I’ve lived a wonderful life and enjoyed every moment. This is just the awakening to possibilities of the future and the opportunities that are there,” Schickerowski said.

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