Billboard Burn Battle Between Local Ford And Chevy Dealerships

The Ford versus Chevy rivalry has been going on since forever. For the town of Ravenel in South Carolina, the rivalry took a hilarious turn. It’s definitely better than those awful commercial jingles that won’t escape your head no matter how hard you try.

Men’s Humor on Facebook posted this photo of the billboard burn between the two small-town car dealerships with a caption of “Looking forward to watching this billboard battle escalate”. We’re guessing the Ford advertisement went up first, and Chevy posted a witty comeback. It turns out, these two dealerships are only separated by a couple of miles.

Ad space isn’t cheap either. Props to Chevy for shelling out some money to make this witty comeback. The ball is in Ford’s court. Is there a Dodge dealership close by? That would be epic.

As of right now, the post has 41,000 reactions, 69,000 shares, and 4,300-ish comments. Looks like this burn battle is going viral.

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