Biker Crashes Into 2 Cars and Lands In Between Them!

This is a weird crash!

First off, it’s not really clear who actually had the right of way. You see two cars coming towards the camera and then a motorcycle coming from the left side of the screen. Whatever the case may be, this is about to result in a terrible accident!

As the two cars are driving forward, the motorcyclist literally smashes into one of the cars! This then sends the driver flying in the air which causes him to do a complete flip! After the motorcycle rider flips he then LANDS in between both of these crashed cars! After the crashed cars crash into the car with the dash cam, they come to a stop. This causes the rider to slide off both cars and onto the pavement!

WHOA! That was a pretty intense crash! The driver landing in between both of these cars was probably the reason he survived this crash. Luckily the driver was ok but still, this is pretty wild! What do you think about this insane crash? Do you have any thoughts or opinions on what you think went wrong? Let us know in the comments what you think! For more videos, stay tuned on!