Before & After Images of Ford’s Holding Lot For Trucks Awaiting Microchips Nearly Empty

In the year 1360, English poet William Langland coined the phrase “patience is a virtue” from his poem “Piers Plowman.” That phrase has never felt truer for many Ford customers that have been awaiting the delivery of their new trucks that have been put on hold due to the global microchip shortage. In May 2021, satellite images of Ford’s holding lot at the Kentucky Speedway went viral for the literal thousands of vehicles on stand-by to receive their final components. While Ford has been able to install microchips into batches of trucks and cars over time, they are almost immediately replaced by brand-new batches.

However, some new images of the same holding lot show a completely different view from above. Many Ford Super Duty pickups once stuck in the holding area for months have since been cleared out of the lot, leaving approximately 10% of its inventory remaining.

Many customers awaiting their 2022 Ford Super Duty trucks have shared their impatience and frustration on social media, especially with the production of the 2023 Super Duty starting soon. Thankfully, all of their waiting managed to pay off as many Ford owners shared images of their new trucks online along with the date for when they first ordered it. In some cases, the order was placed a year ago.

This is very good news for Ford, which means it will be able to focus most of its attention on fulfilling its 150,000 orders on 2023 Super Duty trucks instead of still finishing the remainder of its backlogged orders from 2022.

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