Bear Riding On A Motorcycle Sidecar In Russia

A lot of interesting videos come out of Russia and they’re always pretty awesome! It’s really not everyday though that you see a pet bear riding in a motorcycle sidecar. Considering there are a lot of bears in Russia because of the dense forests, it’s no surprise that many people have bears as a pet. Now if you saw someone riding down the road in a motorcycle with a bear in the sidecar, it would be pretty surprising. If it was in a parade or some other type of event, that’s understandable but it looks like the people in this video are literally just cruising down the road with a bear hanging out on the motorcycle.

What makes this video even funnier is that the bear appears to be waving at cars passing by and as you can tell from the video, people definitely thought it was pretty funny. Obviously the bear has been trained to stay in the motorcycle because it had the chance to jump out at any time. What do you think about this crazy video? What would you do if you saw this while driving down the road? Let us know in the comments what you think!