Bear Breaks Into Family’s Pickup Truck to Steal Candy

Remember when Yogi the bear would always swipe picnic baskets? One bear in Gatlinburg, TN devised a similar tactic when it came to a bag of candy.

A black bear was spotted outside a family’s rural home poking around when it started getting very familiar with the Ford F-150 parked in the driveway. The bear amazingly opened the door like a human and started to sniff around the cabin.

And what did it find? A bag of M&M’s.

While the hungry bear was busy trying to open the bag of candy, someone off-screen attempts to scare the animal away by throwing two rugs and a chair at it.

Neither the bear, nor the family, were hurt. Whether any damage was done to the F-150 is unknown, but it appears the only real loss in this situation was a perfectly good bag of M&Ms.

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