Barn Find Chevelle Brake Upgrade, BEV 818 Run, Hennessey F5, Porsche 911 Record, And Musical Road Mess Up

The Barn Find Chevelle Gets New Stopping Power From EBC Brakes, A Tesla-Powered Electric Kit Car Runs A 9-Second ¼ Mile, Hennessey May Have The First Street-Legal Car To Hit 300MPH, A Musical California Road That Sounds Terrible, And A Porsche 911 Turbo S Runs An 8-second ¼ Mile all on PND!

This week on PowerNation Katie welcomes hot rod builder Steve Legens of Legens Hot Rod Shop in Martin, Tennessee. And with him a gorgeous 1960 Ford truck! One very interesting change Steve’s team made to the pickup was to the side trim; Ford never ran it down the entire side, but now that long strip of chrome trim looks fantastic. They dropped in a Coyote engine with a Borla fuel injection making about 510 horsepower. The Schott Wheels are a nice touch. There’s no missing the custom PPG red paint they call “Cardinal Red” because owner Jeff Perkins is a huge Cardinal’s fan! Inside distressed Pecan color leather seats and a Tan interior, plus with stock gauges give the truck that vintage look. One beautifully restored truck inside and out, front to back. Check it out this week on PowerNation.