Awesome Truck Bed Extension and Lift Invention!

There are so many amazing accessories you can buy for your truck ranging from all kinds of different categories. This is very important for someone who uses their truck for work often and needs all the help they can get during their jobs. However what do you do when what you need isn’t commercially available? You invent it yourself of course! That’s exactly what the guy in this video did.

The inventor of this invention not only created something that extends the bed of the truck but also created a robotic lift to help lift whatever is needed into the back of the truck. This would be an amazing accessory for anyone who uses their truck for work a lot. Another benefit to creating something like this is that if there’s already a product out there that’s just like it, doing it yourself is a lot of times a lot cheaper. This is not only cost effective but also pretty fun to be able to create something so innovative on your own. What do you think about this invention? Do you think you could definitely use this on your truck? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!