Awesome Hydroplane Gets Towed By Pro Street General Lee

This guy is making a statement. He casually rolls up to the boat ramp like this is and turns a few heads in the process. This guy constructed his setup to get in and out of the water and it ended up being slightly unconventional and incredibly awesome all at the same time. Have you seen anything like this? Us either.

Instead of your regular old pickup truck taking you to and from the ramp, this person decided to make their hauler of choice a pro street version of the General Lee Dodge Charger. The car in and of itself is cool, but then check out what it’s towing. It’s a badass hydroplane machine coated with a little bit of screaming yellow and some brightly colored flames to match. It’s a combo you can’t beat, that’s for sure.

The video shows off this bright combination as this hydroplane is pulled out of the water by the General Lee look alike. Let us know what you think about this unique combination as it rolls away from the boat ramp. The driver had better be careful though because one wrong positioning move and it could become one slippery journey right into the water.