Arkansas Mansion For Sale Comes with its Own Racetrack as a Driveway

Just outside Fayetteville, Arkansas is a home unlike any other. The 393-acre property houses a 7,764-square-foot mansion with 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and a 10-car garage. While all of that is impressive enough in itself, what sets this home apart from any other is that it is surrounded by a 1.2-mile racetrack.

Found at 1691 South Dead Horse Mountain Road, the entrance is greeted by a checkered flag silo, hinting to visitors what kind of “driveway” they’re about to ride on. The start of the track splits in two, giving guests a choice of going straight to the house, or embarking on the twisting, winding scenic route.

Aside from the track and an 18-room mansion on the property, there is also a separate 606-square-foot guest house located a significant distance away for a bit more privacy. The complex is completely solar-powered and is up for sale for $6.7 million.

Also, because the state of Arkansas does not test for emissions, there is no limit to the kinds of vehicles that can make some laps around the track.

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