Apartment Complex Won’t Stop Towing Tenants’ Cars For Being “Unsightly”

Have you ever heard of the driving offense: PWP or parking while poor? That’s essentially what this Ohio apartment complex is “charging” it’s tenants with under its intense regulations and rules.

Dennis Day owns a 2001 Honda and while he knows it’s not a shiny new car, it works and gets him where he needs to go. So he was surprised when he received a note on his windshield after visiting his friend that lives in the Montana Valley Apartment complex. Actually, visiting is a stretch. Day simply ran into the apartment to drop off a few boxes and came back to the note.

The notice said that due to damage on his car, it would be towed if he didn’t move it within 24 hours. Local 12 reached out to the complex that wouldn’t go on camera but said cars on their property can’t have rust, dents, flat tires or bad paint. The reporter pressed further asking, “What do you say to people who can’t afford a nice car or can’t afford to get their car fixed?” and management’s reply was “We understand the policy is not for everyone.”

It’s reported that Montana Valley Apartments puts notices on cars daily and tows about three to four cars a week for violating the vehicle presentation policy.

Montana Valley isn’t the only complex with a rule like this either. Fath Properties out of Dallas, TX had a similar situation where it wanted to tow a vehicle over a dent in the side panel. Unfortunately, there isn’t much tenants can do in a situation like this. As long as a company has the policies clearly posted, they can tow.

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