Another Driving Student Plows Through Test Center

Not too long ago a Minnesota driving student was taking her exam when she mistook the gas for the brake and ended up crashing through the test center. The crash even sent the instructor to the hospital.

And now a Connecticut student had a similar situation. Only this time the student was a 46-year-old student driver. The security camera caught the moment the driver sent the Prius flying through the window. It’s reported that the student driver was attempting to back into the parking spot when they, also, mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal. We didn’t realize there was such confusion out there between the two. There were only minor injuries reported, with one person going to the hospital.

We’re not sure how the driver did on the test, or if they even passed at all. But either way, they made the day a lot more exciting for the people who still had hours left to wait at the DMV!