A Working Six-Speed Gearbox Made Out Of Legos

You can build basically anything you want with Legos these days. Every day there’s new cool cars rendered in the famous kid’s toys online, but this is something a little different not quite like anything you’ve seen. And this YouTuber shows us just that with this builder who goes by Dgustafsson13. He built a six-speed transmission with Lego parts, and amazingly, it works just like the real thing. It’s pretty cool to watch.

He demonstrates the handiwork that went into this project by going through all six gears with a Lego Power Functions Motor spinning the input shaft. He also says the transmission is synchronized as well, which is good, since you don’t want to grind your Lego gears, just as you wouldn’t gears in real life.

An while this isn’t an official Lego kit that doesn’t matter, because he posted a parts list and instruction booklet for this mini six-speed online if you want to look into getting one for yourself. If you watch the whole video, this doesn’t look too hard to build, so you’re in luck if you’re looking for a weekend project. This is the perfect project to start if you want to tinker but don’t have the time or money for an actual build!