A Working 3D Printed Inline-4 Cylinder Engine

Technology has come a REALLY long way over the past decade. It seems like everywhere you go, you start to notice how technology is becoming more and more a big part of our daily lives. 3D printing technology is becoming more and more sophisticated by the day and it’s really proving extremely useful in manufacturing and other uses. It was reported that there needed to be a small repair done on the International Space Station a while back and instead of flying a new part out into space, NASA decided to just email the blueprints for the part so it could be 3D printed on the spaceship instead. This type of technology is shockingly awesome!

There have been cars that have been made out of 3D printers in the past and in this video, it goes into full detail of a working 3D printed inline-4 cylinder engine. This is just really cool! If you remember, we posted a video recently of Michelin creating 3D printed airless tires, so it’s obvious the automotive world is about to changed by 3D printing. Imagine if engines in the future are 3D printed out of recyclable materials which would cost significantly less than traditional engines? So cool!

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