A Stash Of 11 New, Never-Registered E34 BMW 5-Series Were Found In A Warehouse

This isn’t a barn find but it’s definitely interesting. Someone found 11 never-driven E34-generation BMW 5-Series sedans (and one wagon) stashed away in a warehouse in Bulgaria… and they’re all brand new. Normally “finds” are classics or rare cars hidden away but new cars are just as cool!

Road and Track reports the cars have never been registered for road use and were apparently bought new in the 1990s for a rental car business, but ended up not being put into service for some unknown reason.

A Buglarian Facebook page posted a video which shows the cars weren’t kept in the best condition, and have suffered cosmetically. However, the interiors look to be in great shape! The question now is, how well will they drive (if at all)?