A Numbers-Matching 1968 Dodge Charger 383 Has Been Discovered After Sitting In Storage

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Well she's pretty dusty 🤣 but shes well worth the effort 👍👍Our guys are at it for a 2and day in a row pulling home a 68 Charger and a 4 speed to boot! They really got after it today and got her out of hibernation 🤩👍 #saveaclassic #itsallaboutthechase . Now what's all the fuss about on this car? Well first of all It's a numbers matching 383 4 speed (motor & Trans) with fender tag (gonna look for build sheet). Great color combo as well but most of all its 1 of 259 383 4 speed 4 barrel H code cars built in 68. She she is quite rare and with all her numbers matching Shes quite the find! Good job @tonysclassicfinds & @challengerrob for bringing this girl home 😍👍 . . #mopars5150_bestchases . . #68charger #1968charger #moparornocar #mopar #charger #barnfind #findingclassiccars #chasingclassiccars #classicamericancars #cars

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We love a good discovery story no matter what the vehicle. And a numbers-matching ’68 Charger 4-speed is even better.

Mopars5150 posted a bunch of photos and a video to Instagram to share the story with us. The Charger was 1968 left in a storage unit back in 2003 with a failed fuel pump and nobody ever went back for it.

When Mopars5150 took a look at the car, it was said to be a numbers-matching example in relatively good condition minus the peeling vinyl top.

After taking a look at the fender tag revealed the car appears to house a four-barrel a 6.3-liter V8. It puts out 330 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque at the rear wheels through a four-speed manual.

Not completely unexpectedly, the car isn’t running. However, the seller has promised it would after having its fuel pump replaced. Shortly after the new pump and battery were installed, the Charger came back to life!

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