A Great Multi-Purpose Machine To Add To Your Shop

Forney Industries has a machine you’ll want to add to your shop. The 242 Dual MIG is versatile and a great go-to machine for different jobs. It’s a MIG welder with 240 amps of power but it has a second port allowing you to attach a spool gun and quickly switch back and forth between welding aluminum and steel.

With 240 amps of power it means you can weld up to 3/8″ thick material on a single pass but you can also dial it back and weld as thin as 24-gauge. The machine takes wire anywhere from .023″ and .045″. It also has a 15-foot welding lead and a 15-foot power cord so you can take it virtually anywhere.

A neat feature on this machine is the built-in spot weld timer. With the dial set to the desired time, you can make repeated spot welds exactly the same size which is handy for mock-up work or sheet metal repair. To install the spool gun for aluminum fabrication, simply line up the pins on the Euro-style connector and twist the collar to lock it in place. Then attach the wire-speed control and flip the switch.

The wire loads up just like a regular MIG machine. With just a little bit of practice, you can lay down a clean looking bead!