A Fleet Of 1970s Toyotas Are At The Bottom Of The Ocean Just Off The African Coast

Unfortunately, even with today’s technology and mechanics, it’s still possible to lose things at sea. There are at least 170 Toyota vehicles at the bottom of the ocean after being sunk back in 1977. The Blue Belt is a cargo ship that sank in December 1977 off the coast of Africa. The cargo on board was made up of cars, trucks, tractors and spare parts. Naturally, there are stories of how the ship sank and why. One story tells, that the crew were smuggling goods from Saudi Arabia at the time and were attempting to pass through the gap in Sha’ab Suedi Reef at Fasima Suedi, but evidently got it wrong (the ship is too big for the gap), hit the reef and sank. Efforts were made to re-float the ship by removing the cargo, which is why it is scattered around the wreck.

The original YouTube description notes that the Blue Belt now lies upside down on a slope of about 30°, in the depth of 25-90 meters. You can dive under the wreck in ca 34 meters depth.

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