A Crash Test Gone Very Wrong

Sometimes people do things that just make you scratch your head and go,"Why?". And this is one of those situations. An unnamed entrepreneur in Germany has invented a crash barrier to help stop the rise in truck attacks in Europe, according to The Drive. That's where the good part of the idea ends. However, the entrepreneur decided to hold a public demonstration for his new product by using a real driver instead of a dummy driving a truck and having him crash into the new crash barrier device. And well, things didn't go so well as you can imagine.

The crash itself was pretty intense, with the truck being destroyed as it crashes into this barrier and actually flies over it. The 48-year old driver was injured and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. The incident took place on April 22nd but we're just now seeing the video from the event. The driver apparently is also still recovering. So best wishes to him and hopefully, he'll be up and about again soon. Although we're thinking he'll take a break from the stunt driving business for awhile. Why they decided to use a real human driver in this event is still in question...

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