A ’59 Corvette With A Modern Twist

This week on PowerNation we visit with Stan Wofford and check out the collection he has! It ranges from Corvettes to hot rod trucks! The pearl-white Corvette is the ultimate cruiser. It’s a 1959 sitting on a 1993 chassis with a LT1 from a 93 Corvette. It’s a classic with a modern twist and we love it!

The 1932 Model A has been in his family and he was happy to get it back up and in great shape. You actually need to turn the gas on in this car – there’s no gas tank! He also has a 1968 Camaro that has recieved a lot of love, everything from a new engine to a new suspension. But his favorite? The 1953 5-window pickup with a 383 stroker. He switched it over from carbureted to fuel-injected so it lays down some nice horsepower! Check out his whole story Sunday morning at 9am ET on Paramount Network.