A 1949 Ford F1 You Have To Love

This 1949 Ford F1 is nothing short of awesome, are we right? It’s name is Old Smokey and it was built by Chuckle’s Garage, a Speed Shop in Santa Rosa, California. The shop exists to produce style, not replicate trends.


“No rat rods, no junk rods, no billet clad fluff-mobiles, no themed bikes, just timeless rides with the looks and feel of the early forties to the mid-sixties.”


This was a truck built for drift, autocross, land speed records, dragging and bench bragging.


Under the hood it puts out 1,200 horsepower with 2,700 lb. ft. of torque from a compound turbo Cummins diesel. The 5.9-litre inline-six started life between the struts of a 2005 Freightliner, before it had its cage rattled by a 66mm turbo, feeding compressed air into a 91mm turbo.


Considering this truck weighs in at just over 1.5 tons, Old Smokey runs lag-free, with twin Nitrous Express NXD375 bottles sitting ominously in the tube frame rear tray.


Old Smokey is running Toyo Tires Proxes R888 in 255/35R18 fronts and 335/30R18 rear to keep all that weight and power grounded.


If this truck doesn’t make your head turn and impress you at least a little bit, we’re not sure what it’ll take. This thing is one of a kind for sure.


Stay tuned for more cars, trucks, and everything else inbetween coming from SEMA 2017!