A 100-Car Pileup Traps Drivers, Shuts Down Interstate In Fort Worth

An unfortunate massive pileup involving more than 100 vehicles has left fatalities as well as dozens of people trapped in their cars.

Freezing rain and sleet overnight on Interstate-35W in Fort Worth shutdown the highway after the pileup occurred earlier this morning. The incident began when dozens of both vehicles and 18-wheelers were unable to stop and ended up smashing into each other and stacking up.

“Information will change going throughout the day as we get more information,” Fort Worth Fire Department public information officer Mike Drivdahl said.

It’s being reported that first responders are calling the crash a ‘mass casualty incident’ and rescuers are having are hard time reaching victims due to the literal pileup which is blocking the road.

Authorities are advising anyone involved in the crash with minor damage and no injuries to exchange information and continue off the interstate to make room for first responders. Police have also set up a ‘family reunification’ center for people to meet or pickup drivers involved in the accident. 

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect through noon Thursday for much of the Dallas-Fort Worth area which could keep roads dangerous. Authorities are asking people to stay home if possible.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved and affected by the accident.

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