4 Car Accident Almost Turns Into 5 Car Accident

Being stuck in traffic is one of the worst parts of life. It’s not only time consuming but also very frustrating especially if you have somewhere important to be. In this video you see a line of traffic, presumably during rush hour somewhere. Now nobody wants to be in a huge line of traffic ever because it’s stressful and can ruin your day.

Well, something that could make your day worse is suddenly being rear-ended and finding yourself in a pile up! In this video you see a car sitting in traffic, when suddenly he begins to quickly drive out of the traffic line, into the median. When the camera angle switches to a rear view, you see a white car that’s obviously not paying attention and going way too fast. The white car slams into the back of another car, which sends that car into the car in front of it. This car ALMOST hits the driver of the dash cam car but they quickly get out of the way before their car was hit. Talk about good reflexes!

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