3 Cars Stolen From The Same Gas Station In 24 Hours Had 1 Thing In Common

There were three cars stolen from the same gas station in Antioch, Tennessee in under a day and they all had one thing in common: the keys were left inside. Now, nobody deserves to have their personal property messed with or stolen but come on, if you leave the keys in the car at a public location, you’re increasing your chances.

A gas station attendant told local news station WKRN that 10 cars have been stolen in the past three to four months. It sounds crazy but car thefts are actually on the rise with numbers around the Nashville area this year being shocking. In the first 20 days of 2018, 234 cars were reported stolen. That’s an average of about 11 cars per day which is up more than 37 percent from this time last year. People, turn your car off when you go in a store, gas station, or anywhere else with the potential to be carjacked!

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