2×4 Launches Through Windshield On The Highway! Scary!!

Well, unfortunately stuff falls off peoples trucks often, which leads to just about anything and everything littered throughout the roads. When people drive over these things, serious damage can occur to their vehicles such as a flat tire or a busted bumper. But this case is a different type of damage because it could’ve easily resulted in an extremely serious situation with the driver.

While driving down the road, the driver of this car was just driving down the highway like any other day. Suddenly the trailer being pulled in front of the car runs over a 2×4 laying on the side of the road. This causes the 2×4 to literally be LAUNCHED through the air, smashing through the drivers windshield narrowly missing the driver. This is absolutely terrifying and looks like it’s something from a movie because it’s so spooky. Thankfully the car was the only thing that received damage and nobody was hurt involved in this situation.

It’s unfortunate that junk and other items are littered throughout the highway that result in people driving over them, causing horrible situations like this.

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