The 2024 Ford Bronco Is Adding A Lot Of Goodies For Its 58th Anniversary

The 2024 Ford Bronco to celebrate its 58th Anniversary
The 2024 Ford Bronco to celebrate its 58th Anniversary

Bronco fans are very passionate about their SUVs, and they have much to look forward to as Ford prepares to celebrate its 58th birthday. Among them include new aesthetic options, more customization options, equipment packages, and new updates coming to the plethora of trim levels. According to the bronco6g forum, even the desirable Everglades Bronco, which was so in-demand that it had to be reserved ahead of time to guarantee purchase, is coming back (in limited quantities of course).

So far nothing quite resembles our famous Beach Cruiser Bronco project. But then again, it was a one-of-a-kind build after all!

What Updates Can We Expect with the 2024 Ford Bronco?

The mighty Bronco Raptor will be more customizable than before, and it will really be making a statement on the trails with its new Code Orange package, which coats the interior and exterior with a distinct hue of Orange and corresponding graphics. It will also be available in Shelter Green, which is a nod to Ford’s history of building off-roading vehicles for the U.S. Army in WW2, and in Velocity Blue, which was previously available only on the standard Bronco and Bronco Sport. In addition, it features two hooks, beadlock rings, and 17-inch Dark Carbonized Gray wheels.

Additional colors coming to the 2024 Ford Bronco Heritage models include Robin’s Egg Blue, and the Yellowstone as a limited exclusive.

There are also some noticeable changes coming to all trim levels of the 2024 Ford Bronco. Some of the improvements being made to the Bronco’s interior include a four-way adjustable headrest, a standard 12-inch touchscreen on all models, and the availability of new connected services (presumed to be for audio streaming).

One big change coming to the 2024 Bronco is that there will no longer be a base-level trim. This means that new customers will have the option of choosing from the nine available Bronco trims, with the Big Bend being the most affordable with the current 2023 model’s MSRP starting at $39,190.

Lastly, both the Badlands and Wildtrak trims will come equipped with the Heavy Duty Modular Front Bumper as part of their standard equipment.

When Can I Order A 2024 Ford Bronco?

The order books for the 2024 Ford Bronco are scheduled to open on Wednesday, August 16th, 2023. Prospective customers can either visit their local Ford dealer or visit the Ford website for more information regarding pricing and trim options.

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